The Aparri Look is a land outfit that can only be worn by members on Animal Jam. It was created by the user Aparri.

Appearance Edit

For the Aparri look users usually use a red and dark red Arctic Wolf, but any animal can be used.

The Top Hat is a tall hat, that has four round buttons that stick out around the top edge of the hat. The red variant of this item is usually used when used for this look.

The red Worn Blanket is a thin blanket that has holes in it and has a ragged appearance.

The brown Beard is a piece of hair that is braided and tied with a dark red colored band.

The Elf Bracelets are, like most of the items used for this look, red, and consists of four stone like cuffs.

Item Information Edit

Item Store Price Available
Top Hat Jam Mart Clothing 150 Gems No
Worn Blanket Jam Mart Clothing 50 Gems No
Beard Jam Mart Clothing 80 Gems No
Elf Bracelets Jam Mart Clothing 250 Gems No