The Freedom Bunny outfit can be worn by members and non-members. The total price of the Freedom Bunny outfit is 1,750 Gems. It was made by the user Funnysun17.

Appearance Edit

The Freedom Bunny outfit is a outfit that is usually worn on a white bunny with circular blue eyes, however it can still be worn by any animal. The animal that you use should be white, blue or red, so it matches the outfit.

The Freedom Wings are wings that are worn on the back of the animal. They are red bat-like wings with two blue tips and red veins.

The rare Turkey Hat is red with a light orange beak. On the Turkey Hat there are blue buttons for the eyes, and blue patches can also be seen on the hat.

The Freedom Wings consists of blue and white leaves which are linked into bracelets.

Item Information Edit

Item Store Price Available
Freedom Wings Jam Mart Clothing 300 Gems No
Freedom Bands Jam Mart Clothing 750 Gems No
Rare Turkey Hat Jam Mart Clothing 700 Gems No

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